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How use MyTalk in your business

Active community

Provide real business value, brand awareness and product loyalty through active community.

Answers & Questions

Directing clients to the online community where they can quickly find answers can save up to 30% of the time on calls in the contact center.

User experience

Customers will be able to get answers to their questions and share their experiences, useful tips, and recommendations.

Brand loyalty

Even after buying your product, your customers can interact with each other, and thus increase their brand loyalty.

SEO optimization

The community will act as an organic accelerator for your SEO, directing traffic to your site.

Feedback and insights

Your users can provide live feedback about your products, their new features, as well as offer useful insights.

“If you build a community around your business, your community will build your business around you!”


You can integrate the community into your site. Just a few clicks and the community will match the design of your site.

All Ready for Use

The community will help your company create higher-quality, more valuable services that will give an advantage over your competitors.

asked questions

Feel free to contact us for any further questions.

How is this different from Facebook Groups?

Users directly communicate on your site under your brand. Your community creates permanent content that will improve SEO performance by directing traffic to your site. You have full access to moderation of topics and discussions in your community. You create a live database of answers to frequently asked questions from your customers.

Can I create a support center with your service?

MyTalk is great for creating a customer support center. Users will be able to ask questions, help with answers to other users and also find ready-made solutions. All discussions are moderated, you will be spared from spam and have full access to the management of the support center.

Can we change the design of your service in the styles of our company?

Yes. You can completely change the color scheme, upload your logo and customize the functionality for your company's needs. All this can be done right after the creation of your community, in the admin panel.

How can MyTalk improve my business?

Your customers want to quickly find answers to their questions on the Internet. When the search does not work - in the best cases they turn to your call center, often they will not communicate with you at all. Thanks to MyTalk, you can cut costs by creating more effective customer support, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Is there integration with social networks?

Users can login or register via Facebook. Also, we have integration with popular messengers such as Telegram and Slack.

Does MyTalk work on mobile devices?

Yes. Adaptive design of the MyTalk community includes adaptation for a mobile phone, smartphone or tablet.

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Success Stories


The Playstation Community has done an exceptional job of providing an online space for gamers to connect. Users can group by their specific interest, whether it be by game, hobby, or the type of support they need. It’s easy to see how the network caters for the pillars of feedback, advocacy, and support.


Spotify’s Community have more than six million members share tens of thousands of “solutions” on everything from music recommendations to future feature requests and development solutions.


Oracle Community connects the millions of users worldwide who use the platform, whether for personal or for business function. It enables users to ask questions on dedicated forums and solve problems together. Members can share personal stories, form independent groups, even build their own networks and schedule meetings.

Integration with other services

“A Network gives you Reach, but a Community gives you Power. That power solidifies Trust, and Loyalty… which leads directly to ROI for any person or organization.”

- Ted Rubin CMO of Brand Innovators

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